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Date:2004-08-16 09:33
Subject:selling a XXX-nt w/ starter box.

I'm selling a Team Losi XXX-nt w/ stater box for $200. It is in pretty good shape, with a custom built Aluminum rear shock tower. Buyer pays for shipping and I will accept paypal or personal check. (check will have to clear before I ship) If you are interested in this, please reply and I can post some pictures. Thanks.

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Date:2004-08-12 00:40

Nitro tc3 was a RTR comes with many upgrades and accessories. Very fast! Upgrades: 2-speed transmission, adjustable shock bodies, New CVD's, New foam tires, Hardcore racing uper chassis and braces, front anti-sway bar, Futaba radio and receiver. RB innovations supercharger Comes with literature and extra parts.



Date:2004-07-26 23:04
Subject:newbie to nitro

name is zohaib, new to nitro rc, not new to rc racing.

now, i am planning on getting an OFNA Ultra MBX Pro, because i am getting a good deal on it. now, before i do get it, i have one question: is it really durable? can i smack it against a wall of come down from a 20 foot drop with minimal damage? because most dealers say anything, but i wanna know from people with experience. i know the car is fast and nice to handle, but i dont wanna break someone elses model. if not, is there a better recommendation you can give me? i want something i can race on and off road with little modification, and it has to be easy to control. it also needs to be $300(US) or under, with a servo/remote, and obviously durable, cuz i know i will abuse the hell out of it.

thanks for your input.

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Date:2004-07-22 17:00

hey guys, whats up? im new here and i just wanted to make myself known. i should be getting a revo soon, so if anyone has advice or tuning tips for a nitro newcomer, id appreciate any help i can get... thanks a lot.

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Date:2004-07-22 21:53

i dont want to tear this cool community apart, but i created one specifically for offroad r/c. electric or nitro, whatever tickles your fancy. its offroad_rc. i forgot how to make that a link... anyway, its brand new so if you got any interest in monster trucks, stadium trucks, buggys, rally, or anything offroad rc then join up! im still int he radiocontrol community cus i dont want to ditch you guys. thanks and check it out!

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Date:2004-08-21 15:31
Mood: content

[i just found you guys. awesome community, i was thinking about making one and then i found you guys, problem solved. i live in washington but im vacationing in italy since my dads in the us army he got stationed here. my trucks are back home and i cant wait to get back and bash em around. i have a nitro rustler w/ trx 2.5 and i just recently got an rc10 gt, both are sweet trucks. im looking to race more when i get back. i got a few hop ups on the rustler and the rc10 is all stock. basically i just wait til something breaks then hop it up.

[nitro rustler:
-hpi 5 spoked chrome rims
-rd racing aluminum chrome a-arms
-rd racing carbon fiber upper chassis
-rd racing carbon fiber rear shock tower
-removed ez start and installed a pull start
-phantom racing tuned pipe

[rc10 gt:
-have yet to give it a good bashing.

[i was gonna put the trx 2.5 in the rc10 but then i wouldnt be able to qualify for the races i want to do... anyways, pictures will be added soon when i get back to my hizzome. give me some me some tuning tips please, anything to improve performance. im always wanting more power, im sure you guys feel the same.

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Date:2004-07-21 11:35
Subject:New to the community

Just joined this community, and figured I could introduce myself.
I'm 25 years old and come from Norway.
I fly airplanes and started with helicopter this year.
Used to to fly glow engine, but now its only electro that matter for me.

Here some pictures of my helicopter.Collapse )

Had 14 flights with it.
Just changed battery to Li-Po, so now I get 18 minutes of fly time.

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Date:2004-07-08 09:29
Subject:Going Racing
Mood: curious

Hey im gonna be taking my T-Maxx out to a soft packed off road race track. So i was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on the set up of the suspension, or could recomend a certain set of tires. Right now i have the Stock tires, and i have a set of Claw Dogs, both of which i think will be too agressive for the track.

Should i purchase a set of Bowties and dish rims for it?

-Thnx Ken

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Date:2003-06-28 10:42
Subject:Traxxas Rustler

Anyone familiar with the Electric Rustler?
If so (or if familiar with electric in general maybe you can help)

my rustler veers off course erratically. I drive, then it suddenly goes right. Or rather, it starts off to slowly go right, but the turn gets worse. I monkey with the steering trim and it goes left, then right, then left, but never straight. I switched servos (replacing the steering servo with the original throttle servo, I'm using the XL-1 ESC), didn't work. tried changing the channels on the receiver, didn't work.

Someone suggested getting RPM stub axle carriers for the front and back....think that would work? (also, my rear tires, when allowed to spin off the ground, will hit the camber link, wobble uncontrollably, spin normally, and repeat. Is this normal? Is there something I can do about this? Will the RPM carriers do the trick?)



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Date:2003-01-11 20:47
Subject:Hole cut off
Mood: curious

I've cut off a hole from the body shell to allow cool airflow to the nitro engine.

Does anyone have any better suggestion for more holes? Or do you think this is enough?

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Date:2002-12-30 18:30
Subject:Nitro Truck

I recently got a brand new Nitro truck - RC10 GT Plus and it's good & fast!!

More images can be found at http://www.hypergallery.co.uk/nitro

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Date:2002-12-19 15:45
Subject:just joined

Building my heli...

2 moreCollapse )
I have since finished. Now I just have to wait for good weather to get it out.
Sorry, don't have pictures of the finished thing. :(

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Date:2002-08-18 09:58
Subject:Engine Powered?
Mood: curious

My friend and I went to a model shop yesterday and saw the cars in display. Battery and engine powered cars.

So I would like to get engine powered rather than battery powered - but should I?

What is the good and bad things about engine powered? Does it use up lots of fuel than battery? Or does it run longer than battery? Is it easy to look after?

Or maybe I should stay with battery powered?


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Date:2002-08-18 09:55
Subject:My Car

I have a Tamiya Thunder Dragon car but it's very old and dead. I got it in 1991 and it broke down in 1994.

Worn wheels, dead motor, dead servo and bad body.

I checked around to see if I could buy the parts and when I totaled it up, it was not worth buying the parts as it would cost a lot cheaper to buy a whole new car! Ah well, I still have good memories of the car. :) I'll post a pic of the old car soon soy ouc an see how bad the car is. ;)

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Date:2002-08-18 09:35
Subject:Welcome to Radio Control Models's Community!

This community is to discuss all about Radio Control Models like Cars, Boats, Plane and many more.

Share your photos of your models, ask questions about your models or help each other with problems.

This community is open to all members, so feel free to join!

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