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Engine Powered?

My friend and I went to a model shop yesterday and saw the cars in display. Battery and engine powered cars.

So I would like to get engine powered rather than battery powered - but should I?

What is the good and bad things about engine powered? Does it use up lots of fuel than battery? Or does it run longer than battery? Is it easy to look after?

Or maybe I should stay with battery powered?

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I got two battery radio controlled cars. They are good but petrol ones are better for more speed. Mine has a 30mph max speed.
it totally depends.
with nitro R/C's, you have to buy fuel, with elec. r/c's, you have to buy batteries.

Nitro typically has more speed/power behind it, but if you hopup an electric r/c with the right stuff, it can ahve some pretty nice speeds.
Nitro is very picky at times. you need to play with your carb a lot! like evertime you run it. I have a rs4 3 ss Its really cool but takes a lot of time to get everything working right. Playing with the carb needle settings, checking the temp etc. I really dig electrics right now, (not saying i wouldnt want a ofna hyper 7) I like to be able to throw a battery in, and go.

yeah, same here.
charge up a couple batts and let 'em rip
Nitro is also very hard to deal with in the winter meaning a couple of months of idle time. but other than that i love my Nitro powered T-Maxx