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newbie to nitro

name is zohaib, new to nitro rc, not new to rc racing.

now, i am planning on getting an OFNA Ultra MBX Pro, because i am getting a good deal on it. now, before i do get it, i have one question: is it really durable? can i smack it against a wall of come down from a 20 foot drop with minimal damage? because most dealers say anything, but i wanna know from people with experience. i know the car is fast and nice to handle, but i dont wanna break someone elses model. if not, is there a better recommendation you can give me? i want something i can race on and off road with little modification, and it has to be easy to control. it also needs to be $300(US) or under, with a servo/remote, and obviously durable, cuz i know i will abuse the hell out of it.

thanks for your input.
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